Bear Viewing

Alaska's Best Bear Viewing

Alaska's Best Bear Viewing

You simply cannot come to Alaska Without the intention of 

seeing bears and Katmai is the premier brown bear viewing 

area in the world. Brown bears gather where there is food 

and Katmai's rivers receive the largest run of sockeye salmon 

which both bears and fisherman flock to every year. 

Katmai National Park Brooks River is one spot where the 

bears naturally congregate to catch and feed on salmon 

trying to get over Brooks Falls as they return to their 

spawning grounds. Bear viewing here is at its premium with 

viewing platforms built along the falls and river to 

accommodate bear viewers, amateur and novice 

photographers alike all affecting the bears behavior. 

But don't stop at Brooks Falls, in the Katmai area there are 

endless opportunities for bear viewing in more remote 

locations. Fly-out to watch bears clam digging on the tidal 

beaches, chewing on sea grasses, or mating in the spring. On 

our rafting trip you can a nine foot Brownie swim

across the river in front of you or see bears fishing for salmon 

from the bank. In Alaska, bears frequent specific areas at 

different times, primarily related to food availability. To plan 

your visit to coincide with the best bear viewing times, 

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